What We Do

woman holding clipboardWe promote safety.

We help women, youth, neighbours, students and coworkers build safer communities and prevent violence, harassment and discrimination. We use Safety Audits and other methods to do this. Learn more

legal trainingWe increase access to justice.

We help service providers and women and youth experiencing violence understand how the law affects them and how they can access justice. We deliver legal information training and resources. Learn more

reactWe build youth leadership.

Through ReAct, we develop youth leadership to help their peers know warning signs and solutions to sexual assault, dating violence, harassment and bullying. Learn more

may be meWe campaign for prevention.

May Be Me is a campaign for everyone to get involved in raising funds and awareness to prevent violence. Learn more

pamphletsWe create tools and resources.

We publish resources, games and apps to help you know the signs of violence and how to access justice safety and support. Get resources, games and apps

equityWe promote equity and inclusion.

We provide our expertise about gender-based violence, equity and inclusion to build better workplaces, organizations and service environments. Learn more