What do young women need in a new Toronto Police Chief?


Sometimes, we forget that improving police practice, policy and leadership can make a critical difference for young women, especially those affected by violence and, as statistics show, face high rates of sexual assault and barriers to reporting. Their voices aren’t always heard when we discuss the police system and police accountability.

That’s the problem our Youth Alliance Project addressed in the 2011 report, Improving the System: Police Policy and Practice on Sexual Assault against Young Women. It outlines 10 recommendations to improve policing in Toronto and it’s as relevant today as it was back then.

Right now, the Toronto Youth Cabinet is organizing Choose Your Chief to educate and engage youth in discussions about the structure and leadership of the Toronto Police Service Board and Toronto Police Service. It includes a face-to-face consultation meeting and online survey. If you’re a young Torontonian who thinks the new chief should prioritize making the system better for youth survivors of sexual violence, this is a chance to make your opinion known. Learn more on the Toronto Youth Cabinet website.