Vote for the SIS Project

Starting October 6 to 23, please vote for the Safety Information System (SIS) Project on the Aviva Community Fund website! We are applying to their charity competition to win a grant for new project activities to challenge sexual violence in Toronto. (You can vote every day – you have 18 votes and 18 days to use them.)

Vote on Aviva Website!

To vote: go to our idea, click “vote now”, and register (for first time) or login (every other time after that). When the main Aviva page comes up, you can search “METRAC” in the search field and our idea will come up. Go to the idea page and click “vote now”, and it’ll work!

About SIS:

On November 25, people in the City of Toronto will be able to subscribe to SIS to get information about assault, rape, harassment through text or voice messages, emails, a mobile app and social media. The SIS Project also includes dynamic street art initiatives to disrupt sexual violence. SIS is:

  • grounded in community: people told us about their need and desire for involvement in breaking the silence on sexual violence.
  • driven by community: 170 people created anti-violence poster art to contribute to it and over 350 people have signed up as “early adopters”. Thousands more can get involved!
  • anticipated by community: the project announcement in July generated a lot of community and media interest. Thousands of people learned about it.

What we want to do now:

  • Sign-Up Campaign (anticipated cost, $20,000): when SIS launches on November 25, we want everyone in Toronto to learn about it and sign up. We want to launch a significant public promotional campaign that uses traditional media, social media and distribution of SIS materials/information get people on board. Our goal: 10,000 SIS subscribers by March 2016.
  • Creative Awareness Workshops (anticipated cost, $20,000): people don’t have equal access to media and technology, and this includes community members who may be at high risk of violence and have few places to go for help (e.g. youth, street-involved individuals, newcomers). We want to work with multilingual community partners to lead a series of creative workshops to help the most vulnerable communities identify signs of sexual violence, know their rights and where to get help. Our goal is to reach 1,500 people. It’ll give them a chance to create their own unique poster art on sexual violence prevention and education, which we will share through SIS and through …
  • Community Poster Art Galleries (anticipated costs, $15,000): our first gallery at Scadding Court Community Centre’s Market 707 ( was so successful in building interest in sexual violence prevention that we want to keep doing it in high-traffic locations across the city! We’ll use the opportunity to promote SIS, give out educational materials about ending sexual violence and get people thinking about what they can do to support survivors and build safety. Our goal is to reach 2,000 people.

Total investment: $55,000

People engaged in reducing sexual violence: 13,500

City-building opportunity: huge

Future potential: we view Toronto’s SIS launch as a “test case”. If it works well and communities find it helpful, we would like to explore launching it in other municipalities and areas of Ontario.