Volunteer spotlight


Sarah Almond Pike is a law student at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Law. In her first year, she volunteered with METRAC’s Justice Program. She helped write easy-to-read online legal information about refugee claims on the basis of gender-based violence and violence against Aboriginal women.

“Volunteering with METRAC reminded me of why I was interested in law in the first place,” says Sarah. She notes that first year law curriculum “can feel removed from real-world issues” and that volunteering “felt like a reprieve”. It gave her a chance to learn about areas of law she would not have been exposed to otherwise and provided “space to think critically about the law and gender”.

Sarah explains that students entering law school with interests in social issues can feel isolated, but her volunteer role made her feel that these interests are valid and important. She says her time volunteering with METRAC will “serve as a reminder to think critically about the law” and will foster her desire to continue learning about issues often untouched in the formal curriculum.