Violence Prevention Lifehacks

Many of us start out like this: we learn about gender-based violence like sexual assault or domestic violence, or we know of a friend or family member who goes through it. Maybe we ourselves experience it. We do the hard work of healing or supporting someone through their healing process – perhaps we come across a story of someone who survived and we feel inspired by their journey. We want to be a part of the change we know our communities badly need to end victimization of women, youth and others at risk of gender-based violence. But it’s hard to know where to begin. We know we can give of our money and time, but what if we’ve already done that or what if our money and time runs short? What next?

Get ready for “Violence Prevention Lifehacks”, a series of tips designed to help you make a difference. They’re suggestions of simple things you can do in the course of daily life to name what this violence is, challenge it and share where people can find help.

Violence prevention lifehack 1

Violence Prevention Lifehack #1: “pamphlet up” the place.

Organizations that challenge gender-based violence or provide service to people who experience it often have many helpful brochures, pamphlets and booklets in many languages and formats. They are great resources. But most organizations have a hard time getting them out to people – perhaps after a short burst of activity, the resource gets trapped in a corner online or stuck in a rack somewhere. But you can help move them out to the world. Think of the places you can put a stack: work? Local library or community centre? Doctor or dental office? Place of worship? Daycare? School? Just ask your local organization doing this violence prevention work to tell you what they need your help distributing, ask for permission from the place where you want to put it, and plant a stack … someone who needs it will get it.

Find our online violence prevention tools and resources and contact us at 416-392-3135 or if you can help us get them out to your communities.

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