UPDATE: Feminist Coalition Responds to Verdict in Wagar Retrial for Sexual Assault


In July, we informed community members that METRAC had been granted intervener status as part of a coalition of women’s organizations for the inquiry into a judge’s conduct during a sexual assault trial in Alberta in 2014.

In September, we noted that the hearing had begun, and shared the submission prepared by the coalition.

In December, we reported that the committee had reached a decision recommending the removal of Justice Robin Camp from his position as judge.

This week, a coalition of feminist organizations committed to ending violence against women which includes METRAC offers support to the complainant at the conclusion of the retrial of sexual assault charges against the accused, Alexander Wagar. Mr. Wagar’s criminal case came to international attention due to the conduct of the first judge who heard the case, Justice Robin Camp. Mr. Wagar’s retrial resulted in an acquittal.

Below, read the full press release prepared by the coalition: