Sisters in Spirit

Sisters in Spirit Week

(Photo credit: Native Women’s Resource Centre of Toronto)

Today marks the start of Sisters In Spirit Week for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW), hosted by Native Women’s Resource Centre of Toronto (NWRCT). Here is a summary of events to consider getting involved in – find details on the week’s Facebook page.

  • September 29: Art workshop on understanding MMIW through art, facilitated by Red Pepper Spectacle Arts.
  • September 30: Media Day to raise awareness about MMIW through handing out flyers.
  • October 1: Hand drumming with Amy Desjarlais – drop in and learn three different women’s honour songs. Also holding a private Sweetgrass Ceremony for families affected by MMIW with Grandmother Wanda Whitebird (contact 416-963-9963, extension 212).
  • October 2: Letter-writing campaign with Amnesty International and Button Making with Native Youth Sexual Health Network. Also holding presentation and teach-in on Dispelling Stereotypes about MMIW with Dr. Suzanne Stewart and Lee Maracle.
  • October 3: Social media campaign to raise awareness about Sisters in Spirit and MMIW.
  • October 4: Annual Sisters in Spirit Vigil at Allan Gardens. All are welcome.

Many thanks to NWRCT for hosting these events and the annual vigil to raise awareness and inspire action.