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Since the end of October 2016, METRAC has been busy answering requests from the media on a variety of issues related to gender, sexual violence and community. We thought we’d take some time to share these latest news appearances in one space to catch you up on the happenings at METRAC!

On the news of Wonder Woman as ambassador for women’s empowerment of the United Nations…

Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel (copyright Marvel)

Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel (copyright Marvel)

Gabrielle Ross-Marquette, communications coordinator at METRAC in Toronto, a non-profit that combats violence against women and children, said it’s important to recognize the “very real” failures of the UN to put real life women into positions of power.

Ross-Marquette said it’s good to see the UN recruit a “well-known pop culture figure” that will appeal to a broad audience, but there are others they could have considered to better represent girls and women.

Instead she suggests Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) a 16-year-old Pakistani American, who’s the first Muslim superhero.

Or Cree superhero Equinox, who was created with input from the Moose Factory Cree community and has superpowers that change with the seasons

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On the news of the new TTC sexual assault numbers…

“It’s a very under-reported crime a lot of people go through, from micro-aggressions to sexual assault,” Ross-Marquette told CBC News, adding women regularly exchange stories of everyday incidents they live through using social media.


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On the news of Donald Trump’s presidency and combating feelings of despair…


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Credit: Newspaper icon by Gregor Črešnar from Noun Project