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RePlay: Finding Zoe/ReJouer: Où est Zoé?

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    What It Is quiz game

    • What It Is Game

    • Funded by TELUS and Department of Justice Canada, “What It Is” is a Canada-wide online and mobile quiz game that raises awareness about sexual violence and supports youth 12 to 25 dealing with sexual violence. It was created with diverse youth and launched on November 25, 2010 in honour of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

      Play now in EnglishPlay now in French
      Play on Java-enabled phone:

      type in your mobile browser and choose the English or French version. The game will download into your phone’s game folder.

      Play on Android phone:

      Open Google Play and install (search for “What It Is” under games). The game will display in English or French depending on your phone’s language setting.

      Note: this game works best on Android phones with smaller and medium-sized screens (240×320, 320×480 and 480×800 resolutions. It won’t look right on phones with large, high-density screens. If you’re not sure what screen your phone has, download the game and check out if it works (you can always “uninstall” if it doesn’t). You can also go to into settings > about phone, find your phone’s model number and search it online to figure out what kind of screen you have.

      Play on Blackberry phone:

      Open the Blackberry store application and download in English or French (you may have to search for “What It Is” under games).

      Play on iPhone:

      Open iTunes and download the game in English or French (you may have to search for “What It Is” under games).

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    Not Your Baby App

    • Not Your Baby App

    • Not Your Baby is a mobile app to help people deal with sexual harassment at work, school, transit, home or in public spaces. It’s a “sexual harassment response generator”. Once installed, the app allows users to input where they are and who’s harassing them – such as a boss, coworker, family member or fellow student. A possible response is generated “in the moment”, based on the input of people who’ve shared what they’ve done to deal with similar instances of harassment. Not Your Baby includes resources, information about the law, definitions, tips and stories, and it allows users to submit their own stories.

      Install on your iPhone via iTunesInstall on your Android device through Google Play

      Read research summary on responses to sexual harassment.

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