City of Toronto Budget 2017: METRAC Deputation



Municipal budgets are interesting for many reasons, but they are of particular concern to women, children and marginalized folks because the services and programs that shape daily lives are funded by the City. For example, the City of Toronto invests in social programs such as childcare and homeless shelters, transit, emergency services and parks and recreation.

Every year, the City of Toronto schedules public hearings so members of the public can present their thoughts and concerns about the proposed budget. METRAC decided to take part in the Budget 2017 deputations because this year’s budget is calling for $10 million dollars in service cuts.

Though we congratulate the City for looking at the equity and gender impacts of the proposed budget, we chose to caution against cuts to Childcare and Recreation, two areas important to women and youth. We also offered recommendations for the Budget Committee to consider moving forward.

Read our deputation in full below. METRAC thanks members of the community for speaking up on similar issues!