Consent 2B My Valentine

c2bmv campaign

To celebrate Valentine’s season is to celebrate consent!

We’re launching the Consent 2B My Valentine Campaign to encourage safe and healthy relationships. Special occasions like Valentine’s Day can be fun, but they can also create pressures and expectations that undermine personal safety and make coercive, violent behaviour seem normal.

Let’s reinforce the message this year and help build a culture of consent: “Will you consent to be my Valentine?”

Consent to physical intimacy of any kind should be enthusiastic and freely given, never based on manipulation or force. Consenting partners should always check in with each other, communicating likes, dislikes, comfort levels, concerns, and desires to create an equal and fun experience.

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  • Flowers and candy are lovely but they’re not guarantees … #C2BMV
  • If your partner is forced, coerced, or unwilling, it’s sexual assault. #C2BMV
  • Dinner doesn’t mean you’re owed anything. Well, maybe just “goodnight.” #C2BMV
  • February 14 is a day for lovers and allies against sexual violence. #C2BMV
  • Caring about with what your partner likes and wants will make your Valentine’s Day. #C2BMV
  • I choo-choo-choose a culture of consent. #C2BMV
  • Consent on Valentine’s Day is sexy. #C2BMV

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