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  Community Greeting

Dear METRAC community,

As we reflect on the month of June, we realize that it has been an at times beautiful, and at times trying month for those challenging violence in our communities. Pride month and the National Aboriginal Day are moments to take pause and celebrate how beautiful and diverse our feminist movements are, while also acknowledging the hurt and pain LGBTQ2S and indigenous communities have faced throughout history at the hands of the most privileged in our society. The Orlando shooting reminded us of the violence LGBTQ2s youth, particularly trans and racialized youth, face everyday. As a community, we must centralize the voices of the most marginalized to continue our work of preventing and challenging violence against women and girls.

As Pride month comes to a close, METRAC wishes you continuous solidarity in our struggle.



   METRAC News

METRAC student workers to take the GTA by storm this Summer

Students sit in a circle
                                          and learn together.

METRAC has had the incredible privilege of hiring 17 student leaders for summer positions and will be working with them all season long across communities in the GTA. Most students who applied and interviewed to work in these summer positions are former graduates of METRAC's ReAct, the After School Prevention Peer Program. Prior to beginning their work assignments, students have received intensive orientation to their roles and responsibilities and safety requirements, and have been trained on topics related to Community Mapping, Outreach, Anti Oppression, Budgeting and Conflict Management.

Students will work with METRAC and community partner organizations to build their knowledge of social service sectors and practices, including settlement, children recreational services, women's services, community mental health supports, community economic development and employment, and community education.

The Board and staff of METRAC express our deepest thanks to Employment and Social Development Canada, for its generous financial support to facilitate meaningful employment and skill building opportunities for youth of Toronto. 

   Community News

New pilot project aims to support survivors of sexual assault

The Government of Ontario announced a pilot project that will provide four hours of free legal advice to survivors of sexual violence residents of Ottawa, Toronto and Thunder Bay.

For more information on the project, visit: http://www.ontario.ca/legaladvice.

Seven ways to be better allies to trans women of colour

It is important to include all women-identified folks in feminist spaces to make them truly intersectional and reflective of women’s experiences. Here's an article to help educate yourself and those around you.